FOX Spoofs “The Sound” With A Brand New Dating Reality Program

Simulation will be the sincerest type of flattery, right? In that case, NBC and its smash hit “The sound” must be experiencing very flattered, because FOX might be launching a fresh internet dating program – cheekily called “the option” – come july 1st which is a clear respect to your music fact opposition.

“the option” can be hosted by Cat Deeley, just who in addition hosts “So You believe you are able to Dance,” and blatantly got its format from the NBC-based forerunner. “Four famous people … blind auditions … spinning seats … but … it is not what you believe,” stated a promo that aired during a current bout of American Idol. Like “The Voice,” “the option” will feature four famous people (whoever names never have however already been launched) in rotating chairs. Just now, the famous people should be sizing up individuals as potential times.

Each couch comes with a “love handle” (yeah, you study that correct…but kindly try to keep the mind out of the gutter). Whenever pulled, the love handle suggests curiosity about happening a “fantasy go out” making use of person concerned. If more than one celeb draws the lever, they have to contend when it comes down to girl. After every celeb features three prospective times, absolutely a “Speed preference” rounded for which each girl recently a matter of seconds to persuade her famous suitor to get their into the final rounded. For the finals, Deeley presents hard question into remaining two members plus the celebs make final choice when it comes to “dream time.”

Your competition recalls the heyday of The Dating Game, once the famous people will select their particular times without being capable of seeing all of them “There hasn’t already been a brand new [dating program] hit since ‘The Bachelor,’ so there was not an in-studio the one that’s worked since The Dating Game three decades in the past,” Fox’s Mike Darnell informed “I found myself considering tips perform a blind-date program without using a wall or blindfolds, together with spinning seats seemed like a great way to do so.”

Darnell has a brief history of getting motivation from rivals’ projects. Take “Joe Millionaire,” for example, a mischievous response to “The Bachelor,” or “Temptation Island,” a cheeky (and sexy!) version of “Survivor.” “The selection seems like a clear title since you need to make an option,” the guy said to EW. “i am at the moment realizing it rhymes [with The Voice]!”

I’m not sure I believe you, Darnell, but I’m all for poking fun at America’s ridiculous obsession with real life tv!

The selection will debut on Summer 7, for a season of six one-hour symptoms during the summertime.