Band Directors, Make Sure Your Music Program is Interdisciplinary

Does your music program compliment what your students are learning in the classroom? Here’s how to make sure your music program is interdisciplinary.

As music educators, we all know the value of music in the development of children’s minds and personalities through school social interactions, but when it comes to “BUDGET CUTS” music programs (especially elementary) seem to be the first item on the list of priorities to be eliminated by town financial committees. Band is considered an extra-curricular, and easily becomes an afterthought.

Here is where elementary music teachers can do themselves and the school community a favor. Emphasize your value. Make all music programs an integral part of the school’s curriculum. How you may ask? Get involved with your school’s “Interdisciplinary Curriculum Units!”

Does your music program compliment what your students are learning in the classroom? Here's how to make sure your music program is interdisciplinary.Walk down any hall of any elementary school any time of the year and you will see murals and art work posted or painted on the walls to reinforce the units covered the classroom. Schools include the art teacher to supply materials and most importantly specialized guidance. Do schools try to include the band program to complete the “trifecta”?

We all know the answer. It is up to the band director to approach the school with a plan to enhance their “Interdisciplinary Unit”. You must become part of the curriculum. Keep in mind it has to be fun for the band student, or singers for that matter.

Have a Student Environment Resource Center (SERC)? Check out The Yankee Collection.

Here’s an example: The class is studying in American history “the whaling industry”. The students paint murals of underwater ocean scenes. They could have models and displays to be viewed by their parents. Hmmm. What’s missing? Oh yes, the band! Go to “Songs Of The Sea” in The Yankee Collection. Maybe pick an easy song or two like “Blow The Man Down”. The parents will love it if they recognize the song and they will think you can walk on water, and your Principal will be impressed with you too.

Now you will be included in the:

Interdisciplinary School Curriculum!