Top 9 Things I Want for My Private Music Students

The top 9 things I want for my private music students!

#9….. To develop a good embouchure. Let’s face it, if the student doesn’t sound good, he won’t enjoy hearing what he is playing and no one will want to listen either.

#8….. Learn correct alternate fingerings to facilitate awkward passages when they arise.

#7….. Actually listen to what they play. Play music, not just notes.

#6….. Learn to focus on what other performers play: tone, style, ideas, etc.

#5….. Get comfortable playing with a microphone right from the beginning. Add a little reverb. Sounds great and students will look forward to their lessons and hearing themselves rather than being afraid of a mic.

#4….. Learn 1 new concept each week. Think about it and do the math. In one year you will have covered 45-50 concepts….That’s profound!

#3….. “Think about it until you don’t have to”… Once he starts to feel it, he will own it. Repetition is the key, whether it takes 5, 50, or 500 times, DO IT! Don’t get bored…. get better. You”ll know when.

# 2….. At the end of every session, when the student leaves the studio, he must know how to recognize the passage we focused on when played correctly. Otherwise he will spend the entire week re-enforcing a bad habit until his next lesson.

And the #1 thing I want my private music students to do is……..


Have fun performing!

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