• Railroad Sheet Music
  • Railroad Sheet Music

    • Most of these songs have historical or cultural content and are easily integrated into interdisciplinary units in your school’s curriculum.
    • Great reference books for all musicians.
    • Students will enjoy practicing and performing songs that are easy to play and are recognizable to them.

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The Best Railroad Songs

7 railroad sheet music songs arranged for every band instrument. The book is organized by holidays and activities that take place during the school year. The songs are written in the easiest concert keys for beginner elementary band instruments. Each book can be used as an individual songbook, a supplement for private lessons, or in unison for elementary bands or orchestras. Click thumbnail below for sample sheet music.

  • Casey Jones

    Casey Jones Sheet Music

  • Down in the Valley

    Down in the Valley Sheet Music

  • I’ve Been Working on the Rail Road

    I've Been Working on the Railroad

  • Kum Ba Yah

    Kum Ba Yah Sheet Music

More Songs for Railroad Sheet Music

  • Big Rock Candy Mountain
    Get on Board

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