Bored music students? “You’re getting bored, I’m getting better!”

bored music studentsNo matter how quickly a music student is progressing and learning, I always find great reasons to take them back to basics. The basics are the foundation for what will build a truly great musician. Sure, there are successful musicians that never learned to read music, or are just total naturals. But the best and most surefire way to become great—at anything— is through a lot of practice.

There are many ways to help your bored music students, but this is one of my favorite lines.

When I take a student from an intermediate or an advanced song, back to a beginner song, they might tell me they are getting bored. What I say back is, “You’re getting bored. I’m getting better!” as I play the song another time.

I’m a seasoned musician, and they see how much I enjoy playing a song like Mary had a Little Lamb even though I could play anything I want. I explain to them, that even the easiest songs make me a better musician because the I am strengthening the neuron receptors in my brain and keeping them strong.

Even if I play the song 25 times in a row, I’m still getting better.

I like to show my students the passion I have for music, and that I’m not above playing any piece. I want them to know that the reason I can play music professionally is because of the time and hard work I’ve put in, not because I was simply discovered as a musician.

Of course I’m not going to torture my students with playing easy songs over and over again, but I definitely say this line a few times over the course of giving lessons.

“You’re getting bored, I’m getting better!”

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