Flute Students Take Heart

Flute Students5th grade flute students in school band programs are made to feel that they are put into difficult keys making learning more awkward. Trumpets, clarinets, and saxophones all start out playing the easiest notes on their instruments. Flute students take heart! Surprisingly, it can be just as easy for you.

Before we get to the good news, let’s address the two initial common problems you have to overcome:

1. Making a sound….Start with just the head joint and breathe over the embouchure hole, never blow! If you DO blow, you will get dizzy. With a little practice and persistence you will play a pleasing sound without getting dizzy.

2. Holding the flute….Many 4th and 5th grade students might find their right arms and hands a little short for reaching the lower keys.

Now for the good news. After each time you breathe on the head joint (for about 5 minutes), assemble the whole flute and hold it with both hands like a recorder. Tip it to the left and adjust your fingers: left hand thumb, first, second, third and right hand first second and third. Do this every chance you get and by the time you can produce a sound you will be able to hold the flute up comfortably. Use pictures on a fingering chart for correct positions.

Oh yes, your fingers will find it easy to play those “awkward notes” like E♭ in those awkward keys like E♭!