For String Teachers; An Effective Supplemental Music Book

String Teachers! You are not forgotten.

Violin Music BookIf you have been following my blogs on The Yankee Collection site or Facebook you have heard me elude to how we can enhance the elementary band programs in public schools.

But what I didn’t mention is that there is a parallel set of string books in the Yankee Collection. Beginner orchestral students and programs were not left out!

All the same songs are written in the easiest keys for violin, viola, and cello. You will find appropriate recognizable tunes for just about every activity of the school year.
Interestingly, with a name like “The Yankee Collection” I have sold on line more string books in the United Kingdom than in the United States. What gives with that?

There is also a string director’s book with all the chords included. Just think of it, over 170 songs for young minds to choose from and experiment with at their finger tips.

If you are a new elementary string teacher, the Yankee Collection will save you research time and this book might be a source of inspiration as well. Have a great year.