What to do this summer to make next year your best year yet

best year yet - teacher

Another school year is over, and it’s time to start thinking about the next. When I was teaching, I would completely decompress after the school year was out. I’d go into full on vacation mode until the 4th of July, coming back refreshed and excited to get involved in my teaching. Here are some things you can do this summer to help make next year your best year yet.


Like I mentioned above, it’s a good idea to reset your mind and unplug. Engage with your friends and family and feel thankful for what’s around you. If you had frustrations during the past school year, do your best to move past them. Starting off your year in a positive way makes every bit of difference in the long run.

Reflect on your wins

Keep a journal throughout the year and write down your wins. Which professional goals did you accomplish and how was that made possible? Think about the tactics you implemented that helped you connect with your students so that they could accomplish something and feel proud.

Brainstorm solutions

Also take some time to think about what you can improve upon. Recognize the problem and start to brainstorm solutions. Whether it be creating a new lesson, using a new music book, or taking things out of your curriculum, think about these changes now while you have the time.

Focus on your own learning

In order to keep improving our students’ learning experiences, we need to continue improving ourselves. Make it a point to learn new things this summer.

Connect with your peers

There are many online communities for music teachers where you can connect and talk about challenges and successes with people like you. It helps to not feel isolated in your work, so join in on their conversations!

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