Let’s Have Fun Practicing Music

Let’s Have Fun Practicing Music!

Here’s How

When students get home from their music lesson, many times they remember what they were supposed practice, but not how to play the assignment. So they happily play the exercises a few times during the week incorrectly more times than not. They are mostly content with putting in the time that their teacher recommended with a feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately, for that week, they re-enforce bad habits until their next lesson.

Just suppose there was an option to accurately extend the effects of the actual lessons and make practicing music fun all at the same time.

imac_yankeeCheck out  the “Learning Center” in yankeecollection.com. This is a compilation of back-up music coordinated with the songs found in The Yankee Collection. For best results, along with this free download, you will need a hard copy of the book for the instrument you are playing.

Here is how it works. Once you have the free download for your instrument, find the song you want to learn in your lesson book or the “Yankee Collection” which is in the guaranteed correct key.

Now, click “Play.” You will hear a computer generated sound of your chosen instrument plus, the back-up accompaniment. This is really cool. Ex:  A song found in “Songs Of The Sea” will sound like what you might have heard on a whaling ship in the 1800’s, which is historical and cultural.

Play along a few times. If the tempo is too fast, you have the option to slow it down (or speed up if you want).

The nice part is you will hear exactly what you are supposed to be playing, and how it’s supposed to sound. If you want to practice with just the melody, click the accompaniment instruments “off”. Once you know the music, bring the other instruments back. When you become confident enough, click the melody off and see how independent you are. Again, change the speed if necessary.

Do the above every day and you will be really prepared for your next lesson.

Are you having fun yet?